Written Testimonials:

“As a Doctor myself, I am very particular about who treats me. Dr. Lindsey is gifted. If you are seeking a chiropractor – she is exceptional. I have sent many of my patients to her & they’ve all had rave reviews about their treatment and care. She goes beyond a simple adjustment & truly gets involved with her patients overall needs.  She is missed in South Florida very much!”
- L.J.

“Dr. Lindsey is a GREAT Chiropractor, to me she is the best I have ever had.  She sincerely cares about your health. She is not the type of doctor that will pump you with a bunch of medications and send you home and never see you again. She extends herself when needed, for example there were some exercise routines that doctor Lindsey gave me to do so I can better my health and avoid injuries. She took the time out to work out with me in the gym to practice these routines. Only someone who truly wants to see you healthy will do that. Seriously if you need a Chiropractor that cares for your health I Highly, Highly recommend Dr. Lindsey, she is the best. You won’t be disappointed.”
- Tiffany B

“Dr. Lindsey and her team are exceptional healthcare professionals. No matter how busy the office is, she always takes the time to listen to her patients so she can provide a personalized approach to our clinical treatment needs. Without fail, I always leave feeling better. We are lucky to have Dr. Lindsey and her team in our community!”
-Anna W.

“About 3 months ago I had begun to suffer from a reoccurring herniated disc problem. I was DESPERATE FOR HELP. I had never been to a chiropractor before but I have had friends who had and recommended that I try it. Not knowing where to go, I went online and searched chiropractors in the Flemington area. Dr. Lindsay was the first to pop up and after reading a couple reviews here on Yelp I decided to give her a call. Thank my lucky stars…it was the best call I ever made! Not only does Dr. Lindsay effectively treat the issue at hand but she also cares for your overall health and well-being. As a matter of fact, ALL the ladies at the practice, Dr.Lindsay, Erin, Erica and Shana are all very sweet and caring professionals who want the very best for their patients. I am so thankful for their help and encouragement (especially during those Pilates exercises that I swear I could never do but somehow manage!) and will miss them when I don’t need treatment anymore! I highly recommend the Flemington Chiropractic Center. You will definitely be in good hands!!”
- Sandee S.

“What a great experience. Not only did I feel like I was healed (and I was), but I felt like I made new friends as well. Dr Lindsey and her team are truly genuine and want you to feel better physically and emotionally. I had some wrist issues that were wiped out in no time, but I never dreaded going to a doctor for the first time in I cant remember. She cares about whats going on in your life, but ultimately will get you back on the right track whatever your ailment may be. I would – and have – recommend Dr Lindsey and the Flemington Chiropractic Center to anyone.”
- Andy S.

“After visiting chiropractors for over 20 years, I finally found a chiropractor that is more interested in making me feel better instead of maximizing the number of visits. Dr. Lindsey is great, as is her staff. The office feels more like a spa than a medical office, which helps.”
- Lou F.

“I’ve been to 2 other area chiropractors and Dr. Lindsey is by far the best. Not only does she take the extra steps to really get at the root of her patient’s problems, but her personality is amazing. I trusted Dr. Lindsey to adjust my 2 month old baby to help reduce baby’s problems with Acid Reflux. Dr. Lindsey has also adjusted my husband and my 4 year old (and ME of course!!!) She is just the best there is, that’s all there is to it. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about her or Erin/Erica – the lovely ladies who help run her office.”
- Caroline O.

“Let me start by saying how devoted Doc Lindsey M is to helping everyone get to a healthy way of living and pain free. What she and her group have done to keep me moving and giving me relief for the last 8 months for what ended up being a slipped disc All the assistance in getting the help and attention that would again get me back to what I want in life ( riding the trails on a bicycle,kayaking,and back to the gym on a daily basis and working without pain all day) Her staff are the best Erica,and Erin make it so pleasant to come into the office and are so professional and care so much for everyone who comes in. Shana if you want a massage and relief from pain and stress she has the magic hand to take care of you.”
- Steve L.

“Chiropractic care has always been important to our family. But when we moved we struggled to find another Chiropractor. Dr. Lindsey isn’t just a Dr. She truly cares about our family, myself, my husband, my 4yo Daughter, and my 1yo Son. With small children I would not trust their chiropractic care to just anyone. Dr Lindsey takes an active interest in my family, and my children. Even squeezing us in to help deal with the many illnesses associated with childhood. With her help I can limit the need for unnecessary medications. If you’re looking for a local Chiropractor I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. You’re done looking!”
- Rebecca D.

“I highly recommend Dr. Lindsey at Flemington Chiropractic Center! She is not only professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about chiropractic, but she truly cares about the well-being of her patients. I came into her office for treatment of a crossfit induced lower back injury. She thoroughly assessed my injury by carefully listening to the issues I had been experiencing and she knew exactly what might be causing the problem. After the physical examination and adjustment, I felt instance relief of pain and strain both in my lower back, but also my neck and arms. Thank goodness! I have been to other chiropractors previously when I lived in another state and Flemington Chiropractic Center exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be back!”
- Tarran P.

“I was a little hesitant at first to go to a chiropractor, but after my boyfriend started seeing Dr Lindsey for his own issue, I figured I’d give it a try. I was in so much pain in my left hip area. I can now say I am so happy and thankful I went! After my first examination, Dr Lindsey knew that my left SI Joint was inflamed. I began to feel a lot better just after a few weeks of therapy. Now, months later, I can’t remember the last time I felt pain in my SI Joint. Dr Lindsey is so knowledgeable, empathetic and has a great bed-side manor. She describes everything thoroughly so that you understand and never made me feel like I was “just another patient”. Her staff is just as attentive; Erica always greets you with a smile on her face or in her voice when on the phone. Although I’ve never had a massage therapy appointment with Shana, she is very kind and welcoming anytime I’ve seen her. I completely recommend going to Dr Lindsey/Felmington Chiropractic Center for all your chiropractic needs!!”
- Jeanine F.

“I was so nervous to go see a chiropractor. I was experiencing terrible hip, leg and calf pain from exercising too much and nothing was giving me relief. The pain had progressed to a point where I limped all the time. A friend recommended I go see Dr. Lindsey – so I did. Dr. Lindsey saw how nervous I was and was extremely kind and patient with me. She explained everything in terms I could understand and described how each procedure would work and feel. Within a matter of one week I was able to walk on my leg without limping and the pain had improved tenfold. If you need a chiropractor – go see Dr. Lindsey now!!”
- Pam D.

Video Testimonials:

“She really cares about the wellness of each individual.” – Kathleen

“With Dr. Lindsey you are getting an excellent Chiropractor and a wonderful human being.” – Tim

“I had a calcium deposit on my shoulder and I couldn’t move it for anything. I went one or two visits and look I can do it!” – Susan

“One of the most positive things about coming here is the energy that Dr. Lindsey put forth towards everything. It makes you want to be involved your own health.” – Jody

“She’s wonderful, amazing and has a shining personality!” – Lacey

“She made a bigger impact in 6 visits than 3 months of physical therapy…” – Barbara

“She is my friend, I can tell her anything. I come here and I feel like I am at home.” – Michael

“Last month I had a back spasm, [I had] all these different Doctors visits and nothing was helping. One visit with Dr. Lindsey, I was 90% better.” – Danielle

“She really wants to help you…” – Daniella

“[Dr. Lindsey] has an absolutely fantastic personality and an uplifting manner of dealing with people and encouraging you. You can’t help but follow her advice.” – Conchita

“I’ve been going to Chiropractors for years. Dr. Lindsey is probably one of the finest I have ever met.” – Dan

“She has helped me in so many different ways from fitness, to eating correctly, to making me strong and helping me with issues with my back…” – Tiffany

“All the stretching has helped me tremendously loosen up my neck, my sciatica and I just feel better overall” – Susanna

“She has helped me out with not just my adjustments, but she has also been there as a wonderful listener…” – Stacey