Core Stabilization Exercises

Dr. Lindsey will take you through some core stabilization exercises to help build your strength and mobility.

All exercises should be done to personal tolerance.  IMMEDIATELY stop exercises if pain or discomfort is experienced. Individuals should begin program slowly and gradually increase repetitions.  Exercises are grouped together based on starting position; sitting, laying on back (supine), laying on stomach (prone), or utilizing a Swiss Ball. Begin program by incorporating one exercise from each group and performing 1 set of each.  Focus on contracting the mid-section throughout each exercise. Be sure to end program with low back stretches.

You should always consult with a doctor before you change, start or stop any part of your healthcare plan, this includes physical activity or
exercising. These videos cannot replace the professional diagnosis and treatment you may need from a qualified healthcare provider.

The exercises will play in order above. These are the exercises:

Pelvic Bridge
One Leg Pelvic Bridge
Isometric Wall-Sit
Stability Ball Exercises
Back Extension
Back Bends
Yoga Poses