Owner of Flemington Chiropractic Center to offer youth coaches safety course

By Hunterdon County Democrat, 3/9/15

Owner of Flemington Chiropractic Center, Dr. Lindsey Mansueto, has recently completed the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors Volunteer Youth Safety course certification, which can now be offered to all of Hunterdon County’s youth coaches.

“The program is a steal at $25 per person and will teach youth coaches how to prevent injuries and increase awareness of safety hazards when it comes to competitive sports,” says Dr. Lindsey Mansueto. “The youth coaches, in turn, can then register for a 3-hour class and become a certified instructor as well.”

Each and every youth volunteer coach in New Jersey is required by the state to sit for a three-hour instructional program. Currently the closest program to Hunterdon County is at Rutgers and costs $65 per person.

Mansueto’s local program is designed to assist volunteer youth coaches in minimizing the risk of injury to young athletes while providing information about fundamental coaching concepts, which enhances volunteer coaches’ effectiveness. It can also protect volunteer coaches from civil lawsuits.

For more information about getting certified, contact Flemington Chiropractic Center at 908-806-3040.*


Nutrition workshop held Aug. 21 at Flemington Chiropractic Center

By Hunterdon County Democrat, 7/28/14

Join Dr. Lindsey of Flemington Chiropractic Center on Thursday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m. for a Nutrition Workshop to learn cutting edge information about inflammation, metabolism and how diet effects health.

Lindsey is joining forces with Nicole Schaldone, MS, RD and Debby Tyler, vegan chef, to educate participants about the cause of pain and systemic dysfunction. This educational workshop will be held at Flemington Chiropractic Center and there is a $5 donation for Safe in Hunterdon, in which the proceeds provide healthy foods for the families living in safe houses.

“My goal is to inspire people to be advocates in their own health. Nutrition is paramount to increasing energy, decreasing pain and improving health and wellbeing,” Dr. Lindsey explains.

Meal planning strategies and implementing a new nutrition regime will be discussed. Space is limited so call to reserve your spot. Light refreshment’s provided, free massage raffle prizes available.

For more information, call the Flemington Chiropractic Center at 908-806-3040.*


Flemington chiropractor chats health on Hunterdon Chamber Radio

By Hunterdon County Democrat, 2/15/14

Those interested in learning about health and wellness are invited to tune into Hunterdon Chamber Radio’s “Power Hour” radio show every other Wednesday at 1 p.m. hosted by Dr. Lindsey Mansueto, Owner of Flemington Chiropractic Center. The show focuses on Chiropractic, health and wellness related topics.

“We have a lot of fun on the show and we get off-topic very often,” says Mansueto. “But we really delve into the common misconceptions about Chiropractic and give our listeners a better understanding of how it can benefit you as opposed to taking NSAIDs on a daily basis.”

The Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce is the only Chamber in the world with a 24 hour all news and information internet radio station. Hunterdon Chamber Radio can be accessed at hunterdonchamberradio.com or on your smart phone by downloading the free app at The App Store. To call in to any of the radio shows, dial 908-237-0410.*


Flemington Chiropractic Center to host open house on Oct. 17

By Hunterdon County Democrat, 10/6/13

Dr. Lindsey Mansueto invites the community to celebrate National Chiropractic Health Month on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 3 p.m., in their state-of-the-art facility at 105 Highway 31, Suite 104, in Flemington.

There’s something for everyone including food from Pork Chops Barbeque, drinks, games and prizes. For the kids there will be hands-on activities including an obstacle course and creating a custom vegetable skeleton. As for the adults they will have complimentary on-site chair massage therapy and Mansueto will raffle gift certificates every hour.

To learn more about the event, call 908-806-3040 or find the event on Facebook at Flemington Chiropractic Center.

During National Chiropractic Health Month this fall Mansueto and other doctors of chiropractic across the country will promote the importance of joint health and the vital role physical activity plays in keeping joints healthy and pain free. This year’s theme—“Get Vertical”—focuses on getting off the couch or out of the office chair, and standing or moving more each day.

Knowing someone with joint pain or joint replacement surgery—particularly involving hips and knees— is commonplace.

What many do not know, is that simple lifestyle changes can help prevent the need for this type of surgery and keep joints healthier longer.

“No one is doomed to invasive joint replacement surgery in order to remain active and pain-free well into one’s golden years,” says Mansueto. “A doctor of chiropractic can help by providing exercise and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional advice, and natural approaches to managing aches and pains. Just a few healthy lifestyle changes, over time, can make a real difference.”

In honor of National Chiropractic Health Month, Mansueto offers these tips to help you get vertical and stay pain-free:

— Stand up: Office dwellers can look into using standing desks or treadmill desks; but if you’re stuck sitting all day, stretch the legs with a short walk about every 20 to 30 minutes.

— Take micro-breaks: Frequently stretch your neck, arms and wrists, back and legs. Simple stretches include neck rotations, fist clenches, arm dangles and shoulder shrugs.

— Get moving: Aim for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of exercise three to five days a week.

— Eat right: A healthy diet—rich in fruits, vegetables and healthy fats—can help reduce inflammation and joint pain. Also limit red meat, refined sugar and white flour. Just a few simple changes can have a positive impact on health.

For more tips on healthy, pain-free living, visitFlemingtonChiropracticCenter.com.*