Dr. Lindsey Mansueto is a chiropractic physician who graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2007 after graduating Magna Cum Laude with her degree in Pre-Professional Biology from Florida Institute of Technology. Her mission is to provide quality health care and educate the public about spinal health and wellness. She strives to not only alleviate pain in her patients, but more importantly, inspire her patients to become active participants in their own well being. Her approach is a holistic one, whereby she treats the entire person, not just their symptoms. Through this comprehensive and structured approach, she is better able to help her patients achieve optimal levels of health and wellness. She is interested in family wellness education and disease prevention. Dr. Lindsey Mansueto recently moved to Flemington, NJ from South Florida. Joe Lustig’s family has been living in Flemington for 28 years and her husband recently joined the Flemington Car and Truck Country group. Dr. Lindsey and Joe decided that they wanted their daughter Mia to be surrounded by the love of their families. Her son Max is the newest addition to their ever-growing, loving family. Dr. Lindsey has spoken to many diverse groups in South Florida: Whole Foods, UPS, Costco, Home Depot, Smith Barney and Sisterhood groups, just to name a few. She is known for her engaging seminars and frequently donates her time to help her community live a healthy, more productive life.

Dr. Sheetal Patel
 is a board certified chiropractor who is licensed in NJ to practice as a chiropractor. She graduated from University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic in 2002. Prior to chiropractic college, she graduated with Bachelors of Science from Bloomfield College in NJ. She worked as an associate doctor for 6 years at very busy practice in Rockaway NJ. Thereafter she took some time off to raise her son, and now she’s rejoining the work force to do what she loves, which is to practice chiropractic and help patients live pain free and subluxation free. She loves to travel, read and is a vegetarian foodie!


Katerina (Massage Therapist) was born in Russia then came to the US where she met her husband. She currently lives in Phillipsburg with her husband and two sons. She received her massage certification in PA and is also fluent in the Russian language.


Katie Majorossy (Front Desk)
 is a student at Raritan Valley Community College.  She studied Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry at Hunterdon County Polytech for three years and is very interested in holistic health. Katie is an active member in the community, a past member of both Hunterdon County 4H and Girl Scouts. Currently she is the Vice President of the Rotaract club of RVCC.  In her spare time she enjoys practicing yoga and karate and playing with her cat, Minette.  Katie loves working at FCC looks forward to learning more about living holistically.


Becky Place (Massage Therapist) - 
Most humans experience stress or unfortunately sometimes trauma. Becky Place is a Licensed Massage Therapist who enjoys creating an escape from the common race we tend to live in that compounds these problems. She helps clients of all ages reduce pain and discomfort in their muscles and joints, while investigating ideas to promote healthy posture to sustain a wholesome lifestyle.

Since we all have different likes and dislikes, the advantage to Becky’s training is that it is integrated. This means she can offer a mixture of modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage as well as reflexology and neuromuscular therapies, to name a few.

Becky’s educational background includes an Associates in Liberal Arts from Thomas Edison State College, (NJ). Health Choices Holistic Massage School, (NJ), certified her for her license to practice Massage Therapy. As required she is certified in CPR instruction and has attended various workshops and trainings throughout the years. Becky enjoys learning and practicing as well as experiencing life as it goes by. Farming, nutrition and family are her favorite things to do. She also says, “Vacations are nice too!”


Tara Sible (Front Desk) is from Spotswood, NJ and has moved to Hunterdon County with her husband Vance. She has 4 children and enjoys the Hunterdon County lifestyle and community. Her hobbies include tennis, cooking and family time. For the last several years she has stayed hime to raise her beautiful children and is now very excited to be back in the work force.


Maria Scioscia (Front Desk) is from Kingwood, NJ and graduated from Delaware Valley Regional High School. She is very excited to learn more about the medical field and is currently training for her medical assistant degree.  She loves spending time with her boyfriend, her nephew Tony and adores her 3 year old dog Lia.