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Trigger Point Therapy

Relieve pain and tension in your muscles.

Trigger Point Therapy is the application of pressure on tender trigger points in the muscles (that are tightly knotted and in spasm causing pain) to relieve pain and tension.

Trigger Point Characteristics:

  • Pain related to a discrete, irritable point in skeletal muscle or fascia, not caused by acute local trauma, inflammation, degeneration, neoplasm or infection.

  • The painful point can be felt as a nodule or band in the muscle, and a twitch response can be elicited on stimulation of the trigger point.

  • Palpation of the trigger point reproduces the patient’s complaint of pain, and the pain radiates in a distribution typical of the specific muscle harboring the trigger point.

  • The pain cannot be explained by findings on neurological examination.

Dr. Lindsey Mansueto, owner of Flemington Chiropractic Center

Dr. Lindsey Mansueto

Dr Derek Martin Headshot

Dr. Derek Martin

A photo of Dr. Patel, our chiropractic physician.

Dr. Sheetal Patel


Dr. David Bogart

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