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Extremity Adjustments

An alternate safe way to correct everyday pain.

Our body parts are linked together by muscles and joints, which are part of the body where two bones are fitted together. They are joined by tough ligaments, lined with cartilage, embraced by muscles, surrounded by a capsule, and filled with synovial fluid for lubrication. Without them we wouldn’t be able to get around very well!

Due to our joints being used daily, they can be injured by sudden and severe stresses (slips, falls, or accidents) or by smaller continual forces (repetitive motions, improper posture, or overexertion). Shoulder problems, chronic ankle sprains, and tennis elbow are some of the most common conditions which resolve quickly with appropriate extremity adjustments. Extremity adjustments are often combined with other therapies, such as Active Release Techniques (ART), therapeutic exercises and stretches, or custom orthotics to achieve full resolution and long-term stability of arm and leg conditions.

Traditional medical care for these problems can involve therapeutic bracing the injured joint, medications for pain and inflammation, muscle relaxers, injections, physical therapy, and surgery.

Dr. Lindsey takes a natural and common-sense approach. She uses extremity adjusting as an integral part of her wellness programs. Extremity adjustments are implemented to care for shoulders, feet, ankles, hips, knees, fingers, and wrists. The key in any joint adjustment is to help restore normal motion to joints that have become locked-up or injured. This reduces pain, improves motion, relaxes muscles, reduces nerve interference and promotes healing.

Extremity adjusting is a safe and very useful natural therapy, and can be an integral part of your wellness program.

Dr. Lindsey Mansueto, owner of Flemington Chiropractic Center
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A photo of Dr. Patel, our chiropractic physician.

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Dr. Lindsey Mansueto

Dr. Derek Martin

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