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 A photo of someone in a yoga pose at the top of a mountain.

Holistic Health Coaching

Clarify you needs, goals and challenges to create a joyful life.

Lifestyle choices are the biggest contributing factors to the development and progression of preventable chronic diseases. Whether dealing with a health challenge or wanting to make life changes come discover your innate strengths and healing ability. Working with a coach can help you clarify your needs, goals, blocks and challenges to create a more functional and joyful life.

In our coaching sessions we will identify your strengths and challenges, create an individualized blueprint for change and support you on your path to achieving the life you desire. Together we will explore resources to expand your own toolbox and create a solid foundation. Lifestyle choices, food, movement, exercise, stress mastery and mindfulness tools are among the many life skills that can bring a wealth of positive change and personal growth that you may have never imagined before.

This coaching program is awesome for lifestyle management as well as medical symptom reduction for illness and injury. Get motivated and take charge of your health and wellbeing! You can discuss your thoughts and needs and see if you are a good candidate for a coaching program.

A photo of Leigh, our massage therapist.

Call us at 908-806-3040 for more information!

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